eBay complaints – 0843 487 1823

eBay complaintseBay ranks amongst the world’s largest ecommerce website, allowing a platform for thousands of merchants to sell their products to online buyers. eBay has a strong customer support team, with dedicated telephone lines to record complaints to the eBay contact number

Product Related Complaints

The most common complaint received by eBay customer support relates to the product purchased by the buyer. Many customers complaint that the item delivered is not as described in the webpage, delayed delivery, delivery of damaged item, and more. 

eBay requires the buyer to contact the seller first through the eBay system. eBay opens a “case” and tracks the progress of the case. If the seller is unable to resolve the complaint within eight days, buyers may ask eBay customer support to review the case through the Resolution Centre section in the eBay account or by calling the eBay complaints number. Customer support would review the case and offer a reply within 48 hours. If the seller refuses to resolve the complaint, it could affect their seller ratings with eBay.

Another common complaint refers to refunds for items cancelled or returned. eBay normally refunds the money through PayPal. The procedure to lodge a refunds complaint is the same as described above.

Violation of Policies Complaints

Some customers make an eBay complaint regarding inappropriate buying or selling through the eBay platform. The eBay help pages have made explicit the rules for buyers and sellers. Customers who feel someone is violating these rules could make an ebay complaint. The customer support team would investigate the issue and take appropriate action as require. 

Some common violations to the rules include seller’s demanding a positive feedback, artificially inflating a feedback, removing a negative feedback, manipulating the bidding process to increase the price of a product, seller’s spamming the buyer’s inbox, either party using abusive or threatening language against each other, and more. Similarly, customers may also complain of any member interfering with a transaction. 

It is possible to contact eBay customer support by phone for most issues. Different customer support teams however have different phone numbers, and as such, customers making eBay complaints need to search for the appropriate contact methods using the help pages in the website. Make sure to keep all particulars, including user ID, date of purchase, any passcodes related to the case, and all other details, when making the call.