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eBay customer serviceseBay is an online market place where buyers get to meet traders at local and international levels. Millions of transactions take place every day through eBay because of the wide community, encompassing businesses and individuals, using eBay. Due to the nature of transactions that takes place on eBay, clients are bound to have problems every now and then. This is why the eBay customer services department is readily available to anyone experiencing problems while using eBay. Some of the common questions that buyers and sellers have for the eBay customer services department include;

What is eBay resolution? 

eBay resolution enables buyers to resolve directly any disputes that they may be having with sellers on eBay. In case the two are not able to solve their issues by themselves, then may call the eBay customer services number for help. In most cases, eBay resolution center is used by buyers who have not received their package or the one they got does not match listing descriptions. 

What happens if the package was received but the buyer still files a case?

The only cases accepted by eBay for items not received are those backed by sufficient evidence. One therefore has to prove that the seller never posted the package within the stated handling time. This may have led to the item being received later than expected. However, eBay considers documents provided by the seller to show that there was an agreement with the buyer for the late dispatch. 

Can sellers pay some reimbursement in as much as they may not get their items back?

This normally happens when sellers misrepresent the location of their items in their listings, but want postage charges to be met by the buyers when returning the packages to another location. For the item to be brought back, it is the seller who incurs the charges involved. It is advisable to call the eBay customer services number if there are disagreements and the support team will provide options available for solving the issue. 

In order to speak to eBay customer services representatives, for these and other queries, one should simply click on the contact button under the customer support page. It is, however, required of one to sign in first. The exact topic under which the issue falls should then be chosen from which the problem can be solved personally or with the help of customer support representatives.