eBay FAQ

eBay FAQeBay is great site for people looking to sell as well as buy items, but like other eCommerce portals problems can arise and people have to turn to the FAQ page for answers or call the eBay phone number.

Here we look at some of the most frequently asked questions for the site in the hope that they can help you to solve issues so you can continue enjoying the website.

How do I contact eBay to make a compliant?

The unfortunate reality is that speaking to an eBay employee is very difficult. Once the site offered a live chat facility, had a listed telephone number and offered support by email, but all of these have been discontinued.

It is still possible to contact the site, but users must now go through a number of screens on the site first. In top right corner of the screen there is a Help & Contact link. Clicking this takes you to list of options and users are required to submit their compliant electronically.

I haven’t received my item

eBay offers a money back guarantee to those which have not receive items from sellers. But firstly, the sites asks users to send the seller a message asking for an update on the package’s progress. If after eight days the issue has still not been resolved, then you can go to the site’s resolution centre and open a case.

eBay says it will endeavour to investigate your case within 48 hours and will refund you the full purchase price and postage costs if it finds in your favour.

How do I retract a bid?

eBay naturally frowns up on people making bids then withdrawing them, but the site is very understanding in cases where genuine mistakes have been made. These include typing in the wrong amount or cases where the item’s description has changed after the bid was made.

To resolve this, go to the site FAQ section and type “retract bid” in the text box. This will ten take you to a page which will take you through the full withdrawal process.

How do I change my password?

This is quite possibly the most asked question eBay encounters. If you are not fully au fait with eBay, finding the option can be a little tricky. Currently the method is to visit your My eBay page, click on the Account tab, find the password line and then click edit before saving.

There are many other answers on the eBay FAQ page so please check it out if you have any other queries. It can be found in the top right corner of the eBay homepage, under Help & Contact.