eBay Contact guide – 0843 487 1823

eBay contact numbereBay has created an online marketplace where sellers can get to meet buyers and trade on anything. Basically, items are listed on eBay by sellers after which they choose their preferred method of selling. There are two options for this, auctioning and direct selling. With the auction-type of listing, sellers allow buyers to place their bids after setting the starting price. The price will hold for a given period of time before buyers start placing their bids. Finally, the highest bidder wins the item.

Buy It Now option allows any buyer to get the item willingly at the seller’s price. The price is normally fixed and it is therefore up to the individual to accept it. This option is the most used by sellers. 

eBay has many departments, from legal to customer services. However, the most contacted is the customer support department. It is tasked with the duty of attending to customer complaints and ensuring that they are totally satisfied. Some of the questions, and their solutions, as to why buyers may phone the department include;

How can one cancel or retract a bid?

It is eBay’s policy that buyers should not remove, cancel or retract a bid. Whenever one places a bid, it means that they agree to purchase the item if they win. It is therefore considered as a contract with the seller and can only be retracted if there was a mistake by contacting the seller. Valid reasons for retracting a bid are those accepted by eBay and include; correcting a bid amount that was entered wrongly, when contacting the seller proves to be impossible both by email and phone, and finally if a seller changes the description of the item right after the bid has been placed. 

eBay Contact NumberWithin what period should one retract a bid?

eBay has set some time restrictions for this. First of all, it can only be done if one meets the above conditions. Retraction is then allowed if the listing ends after twelve hours. Once this is done, eBay removes all the bids placed by the buyer. In case the listing is supposed to end within twelve hours, retraction is still allowed but it has to be done within one hour of bidding. eBay will, however, only remove the last bid.
Both buyers and sellers are advised to contact eBay customer support department when having problems with their transactions.